Smart Sprayer

Investigators: Francis J. Pierce, Feng Kang, Patrick Scharf, Qin Zhang This device is developed for practicing barrier application for cutworm control and chemical control of suckers in vineyards and high density tree fruit orchards. It applies a target recognition system detect plant trunks and control a multi-nozzle spraying system rapidly and precisely applying chemicals to obtain an adequate coverage […]

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Precision, Site-Specific Irrigation Control of an Apple Orchard

Investigators: Troy Peters, Yasin Osroosh, Qin Zhang This allows for site-specific and individual automatic control of various areas of an orchard. Various types of data is collected from each sub-plot within the block including soil moisture, air temperature, and canopy temperature. This data is reported back to a central control computer which analyzes the data, makes irrigation decisions, then […]

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Knot-Tying Robotic End-Effecter for High-Trellis Top Twining

Investigators: Qin Zhang, Long He, Henry Charvet Twining is a labor intense task in high-trellis hop production. This robotic knot-tying end-effector was developed to perform automatic knot-tying. Concept validation tests proved that the invented knot-tying end-effector could successfully tie clove hitch knots satisfactorily on trellis wires. Note: This technology was developed under private funding support, and […]

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