Significant Research and Development Accomplishments which have been commercialized:

Significant Research and Development Accomplishments ready to be commercialized or in the process of commercialization:

Completed Projects

Projects that have been successfully completed and are no longer active research projects:

  • 3D Machine Vision for Improved Apple Crop Load Estimation
  • 3D Machine Vision System Development for Red-Raspberry Pruning
  • 3D Reconstruction of Trees and Bushes for Mechanical Pruning
  • A Data Visualization, Analysis, and Decision-Making Support Tool for Precision Agriculture
  • A Thermal Weed Control Technique in Agriculture
  • A Total Systems Approach to Developing a Sustainable Stem-Free Sweet Cherry Production, Processing, and Marketing System
  • Automated Hop Twining Machinery and Technology Development
  • Automatic Algorithms for Precision Irrigation of Fuji Apple Trees in the Pacific Northwest
  • Data Visualization and Decision Support for Sensor Based Crop Management
  • Detection of Grapevine Leafroll Disease Using Multispectral Image Analysis
  • Developing Apple Harvesting Techniques
  • Development and Optimization of Solid-Set Canopy Delivery Systems for Resource-Efficient, Ecologically Sustainable Apple and Cherry Production
  • Evaluating Non-Newtonian Fluid-based Surface for Fruit Catching
  • Field Validation of DBR Harvest Assist System Under Washington Conditions
  • Hand-held Mechanical Thinning Devices for Cherry Production
  • Innovative Technologies for Thinning Fruit
  • Light Interception Measurement of Cherry and Apple Trees
  • Machine Vision System Development for Automatic Pruning of Apple Trees
  • Modelling fruit surface temperature dynamics for automate fruit evaporative cooling Apple and Cherry Production
  • Multispectral Image Analyses of Potatoes under Different Nutrient Management with Center Pivot Irrigation
  • Placing Fruit Canopy Management Automation Technology in the Field
  • Precision, Site Specific Irrigation Control of an Apple Orchard
  • Smart Sprayer
  • Systems Approach to Superior Pear Fruit Quality