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Solid Set Canopy Delivery Systems (SSCDS): an efficient, sustainable and safer spray technology for tree fruit

Funding Agency: USDA-NIFA SCRI (Lead: MSU)
WSU Investigators: Lav Khot and Gwen Hoheisel

To configure and adapt SSCDS for the modern canopy architectures common in the WA state, WSU team evaluated six and four different emitter/microsprayer configurations respectively in apple and grapevines. Those configurations were chosen in consultation with grower advisory members and MSU team. At three growth stages, those configurations were evaluated for resulting spray material deposition and coverage within the canopies as well as it’s the drift potential. Optimal SSCDS configurations suitable for vineyards and apple orchards will be further tested in upcoming 2018-19 season. Team is also working on next generation proof-of-concept reservoir delivery system that can be integrated with standard SSCDS for semi-automated chemical applications.