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Placing Fruit Canopy Management Automation Technology in the Field

Zhang*, Q.; Karkee, M.; Walters, T.; Whiting, M.D.


Canopy management operations are among the most expensive for specialty crop production, and the largest expense is the labor.  Automated technology may replace humans, but must be tailored to the characteristics of the field, and to the size of the farm.  The primary goal of this Research and Extension Planning project is to facilitate the development of a research plan for developing automated canopy management technologies suitable for Pacific Northwest cane berry production.  The specific objectives include the definition and clarification of the needs for automation in canopy management among western specialty crop producers; the development of comprehensive technical solutions to address automation issues in canopy management; and the formation of partnerships for this trans-disciplinary research and development.  A grower-researcher interactive workshop is designed to collect and process stakeholder input, to develop problem statements, and to form the goals of future proposed projects.


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