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Intelligent Bin-Dog System for Tree Fruit Production

Zhang*, Q.; Lewis, K.M.; He, L.

Bin Dog 7

Harvest is the most labor-intensive operation in tree fruit orchards, requiring heavy use of seasonal labor. The tree fruit industry needs technological innovations to assist growers in maintaining a competitive position in the global marketplace.  Preliminary conceptual development field trial results indicated that the productivity of fruit picking could be improved by 50% if the collection bins within harvesting sites could be better managed.  This research aims to develop an intelligent bin-management system supported by a robotic self-propelled fruit bin carrier.  If successfully developed, such a technology could help to solve a crucial problem for the long-term sustainability of both the domestic tree fruit industry and other industries facing similar challenges. The primary goals of this research are to create core technologies for robot-human and robot-environment interfaces needed in building an intelligent bin-management system implementable in the natural environment of tree fruit orchards.  The overall objective is to develop a system capable of placing and collecting bins in a fruit tree orchard, which will reduce labor requirements and maximize worker productivity.  The objective will be achieved by developing algorithms, integrating them into a self-propelled robotic bin carrier, and then validating the system in a working orchard environment.  Involvement of trans-disciplinary expertise from the collaborative WSU and OSU project team, availability of well-equipped laboratories, and access to both research and commercial orchards all facilitate the successful completion of these activities.

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