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Development and Optimization of Solid-Set Canopy Delivery Systems for Resource-Efficient, Ecologically Sustainable Apple and Cherry Production

Brunner*, J.; Zhang, Q.; Karkee, M.; Whiting, M.; Hanrahan, I.; Schmidt, T.; Xiao, C.-L.; Hoheisel, G.-A. (WSU Team)

This project is a subcontract to a SCRI project with Michigan State University as the leading institute, and co-directed by Dr. Brunner of WSU. This project is performed a multidisciplinary research Solid Set Canopyand extension team from three of the major fruit-producing states to develop, evaluate, and deliver resource-efficient, innovative management technologies and tactics for apple and cherry production systems. It aims to establish innovative delivery technologies for canopy and orchard floor inputs (including high efficiency irrigation systems, precision-activated micro-emitters, and reduced risk pesticides) to address critical fruit production needs as identified by commodity PMSPs and the Technology Roadmap for Tree Fruit Production. Direct outcomes of system implementation that will be analyzed include: economic and agro ecosystem impacts. Sociological research will focus on how these integrated technologies impact urban-farm relations, barriers to grower adoption, and how these factors can inform better extension and educational programmatic efforts.







If you would like more information about this topic or other developments in agriculture, contact Dr. Qin Zhang.