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A Total Systems Approach to Developing a Sustainable Stem-Free Sweet Cherry Production, Processing, and Marketing System

Whiting*, M.D.; Zhang, Q; Karke, M.; Dhingra, A.; Oraguzie, N.; Pierce, F.; Ross, C.; (WSU Team)

Amatya Larbi
This research is part of a large multi-state, multi-disciplinary research project funded by the USDA’s Specialty Crop Research Initiative (SCRI). This four year project began in 2009. The overall research goal is to develop a highly effective sweet cherry production, processing, and marketing system with effective research and outreach programs addressing the entire production chain. Researchers are working closely with industry to solve problems that have been identified. The rationale behind this research project is clear: to remain profitable and sustainable, the sweet cherry industry must improve harvest labor efficiency without reducing consumer appeal of fruit. Objectives are addressed in horticulture, genetics & genomics mechanical harvest technologies, packaging & consumer acceptance and economics.




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