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3D Machine Vision System Development for Red-Raspberry Pruning

Adhikari, B.; and Karkee, M.


3D Red Rasp PruningPruning is a labor intensive operation in red raspberry production. Mechanization can reduce labor demand from such labor intensive tasks. This project focused on development of a 3D machine vision system to map red raspberry bushes for automatic pruning. A sensor platform consisting of a time-of-flight-of-light-based 3D camera and a color vision camera was developed to move these sensors along a raspberry row. A set of 3D and color images were collected in the experimental red raspberry plots in Northwest Research and Extension Center of Washington State University. These 3D images were processed to remove noise and plants that did not belong to the rows adjacent to the sensors. A 3D skeletonization algorithm was used to obtain the 3D structure of these bushes.


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