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Field Phenomics Platform Development

Sponsor Agency: WSU, ARC

Pumphrey*, M.; Brown, D.; Carter, A.; Garland-Campbell, K.; Hulbert, S.; Knowles, R.; Steber, C.; Zhang, Q.


Field Phenomics Platform DevelopmentThis project is to develop a field research platform and conduct preliminarily tests based on an automatically navigated and steered agricultural tractor. Field-based sensor and imaging devices will be mounted on the platform to efficiently collect data related to crop productivity, input-efficiency, and health while simultaneously applying methods to determine and account for spatial variation due to soil heterogeneity. This automated field research platform, with state-of-the-art imaging, sensing, and positioning/guidance systems, will be capable of rapid, in situ, assessment of crop nutrient and water status, crop health, vigor and productivity, and other important characteristics.