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Assessment of application technologies in wine grapes

Funding Agency: The Washington State Grape and Wine research Program
WSU Investigators: Gwen Hoheisel, Michelle Moyer, and Lav Khot

This study compares three different sprayer designs (electrostatic, directed sprayer with disc core nozzles, and directed sprayer with air shear nozzles) for their efficacy in disease management as it relates to both general coverage and coverage types specific to different fungicide modes of action, efficiency of operation, and ease of use. A feature that makes this project unique is that a PhD student will be supported by Graduate Extension Assistantships, grant funding, and private funding from the ‘Altria and Ste. Michelle Wine Estates Viticulture and Enology Fund’. This student will work with the PIs to develop a component of a 3-part curriculum for viticulture technicians