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Adapting Satellite-Based Methods for Estimating Water Use and Crop-Water Stress to High Resolution Images from small UAS

Funding Agency: WSU- Emerging Research Issues

WSU Investigators: R. T. Peters, L. R. Khot, C. Stockle

There is significant concern about the increased frequency and severity of drought in the Pacific Northwest. This is expected to become a persistent issue if climate conditions continue to change as predicted. Growers will need to adapt to these water shortages with precision irrigation water management and tools will be needed for implementation. This project proposes to evaluate the suitability of high spatial & temporal resolution remote sensing data from small unmanned aerial system [UAS] and or low-orbiting satellites for use with METRIC (Mapping Evapotranspiration at high Resolution with Internalized Calibration) and simple crop model algorithms. METRIC is an energy balance, crop water use model. It was developed for use with satellite imagery for large scale, low resolution applications. We propose to adapt METRIC for use for smaller scale, high resolution applications using imagery from UAVs for site-specific irrigation water management for high value crops grown in Washington State.