WSU CPAAS 2015 Open House Poster Presentations


CPAAS 2015 Open House Agenda

Open House Photo Gallery

Precision soil sampling to identify soil pH stratification;   Paul Carter

Precision pollination to sustain yield security in tree fruit;  Probir Kumar Das

Opportunities for and limitations of precision/automated irrigation;   Troy Peters

Introducing the Eddy Covariance system to improve water use efficiency and grape quality in Washington vineyards;    S. Hossein Sadeghi

Deep subsurface irrigation to advance precision vineyard Management;   Pete Jacoby

Deep subsurface irrigation for vineyard application (Vitis vinifera); Jeremy Thompson

Deep subsurface irrigation in Concord vineyards;  Zara York

Evaluating water-use efficiency using advanced sensing techniques;   Carlos Zuniga Espinoza

High-throughput sensing technologies for evaluating phenotypes in crop improvement programs;    Sindhuja Sankaran

Unmanned aerial systems in agricultural production management;    Lav Khot

Application technology & WA agriculture;    Gwen Hoheisel

In-field sensing and decision support system to prevent cherry fruit cracking due to rainwater;   Jianfeng Zhou

Development of a new type apple catching platform and the bruise tests;  Meng Zhang

Influence of linear forced shaking parameters on removal effects for trellis-trained apple tree;   Hongmei Xia

Apple impact bruise damage thresholds for classification; Han Fu

Efforts toward automation of red raspberry pruning;          Aadit Shrestha

Detection of cherry tree branches for automated harvesting;          Suraj Amatya

Sensing technologies in apple bitter pit management;  Sanaz Jarolmasjed

The economics of mechanical harvesters use for blueberries for the fresh market;  Karina Gallardo

Connecting You for Greater Impact;   Alexis Diana Holzer