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Washington State seeks to automate apple orchards November 3, 2017 Assembly Magazine


Robotic Fruit Pickers Promise Labor Saving October 3, 2017 Farm Journal’s AgPro


Apple-Picking Robot Prepares to Compete for Farm Jobs May 2, 2017  MIT Technology Review


Autonomous Agriculture March 2017 USA Today Special Edition


Robotic Fruit Pickers Promise Labor Saving March. March 7, 2017 The Packer


Washington State Professor Finds Sky-High Opportunities for Drones in Agriculture February 27, 2017 Farm Bureau News (


Plant biologists welcome their robot overlords. January 26, 2017 Nature


Washington Scientists Forge Ahead Amid Uncertainty November 10, 2016 Xconomy


Ag drone future’s up in the air-video  November 9, 2016 Good Fruit Grower


Gripper’s Gentle Touch November 7, 2016, Good Fruit Grower


Announcing Xconomy Intersect: GGB, Accolade, OfferUp, Textio & More  October 11, 2016,


Idaho water settlement fuels growth of new irrigation method – October 13, 2016, Capital Press


Quest for robotic apple picker continues – September 15, 2016 Capital Press


WSU to host Conference on automating agriculture – August 8, 2016 Capital Press


Global look at agricultural robots, automation – August 14, 2016 WSU News


Drones and wine – only mix in research – July 13, 2016 The Daily Evergreen


Washington vineyards use drone to capture irrigation data – July 5, 2015 NBC Right Now


Agriculture 3.0: How researchers are harvesting the power of robots and drones to reboot farming -February 10, 2016


2016 Precision Farming Expo – January 2016, Office of Economic Development, Blog update


Developing the Technologies That Will Change Agriculture – January, Office of Economic Development


Phenotyping in the field goes high-tech -November 2015, Good Fruit Grower,  pg 20-21


Win/Win for Growers and Pickers: New Weighing System released – October 2, 2015 – By David Eddy


U.S.-based precision ag UAV progress –  September 17, 2015 – by UAS Magazine Staff


Unmanned helicopter tested for rainwater removal August 11, 2015 – By Jeffrey Dennison, WSU Tri-Cities


WSU engineers, scientists prepare to test apple-picking robot -July 16, 2015 By Maegan Murray, WSU Tri-Cities