Long He, Ph.D.

Research Associate

Dr. Long He is a research engineer in the Center for Precision & Automated Agricultural Systems. He received his Ph. D degree from Yanshan University in China in 2010, and his B.S degree from the same University in 2003. Dr. He joined Dr. Qin Zhang’s research group as a postdoctoral research associate in 2010, and then moved University of California at Davis in 2013 working in the Dr. Stavros Vougioukas’ research group as a postdoctoral scholar. In 2015, Dr. He came back to CPAAS as a research engineer. Dr. He’s research interests include agricultural mechanization and automation, electro-hydraulic system in the agricultural machinery, and so on. He has been publishing in such journals as “Transactions of the ASABE”, “Biosystems Engineering”, “Applied Engineering in Agricultural”, “HortScience” and etc. He also has been invited to review papers in five different Journals. In his personal life, Dr. He enjoys the time with his family, and also he likes reading books and playing Badminton.